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Oxyfilm develops, produce and service thin films of metals and oxides, heterostructures,
obtained by chemical and physical deposition methods.

Main applications:
IR-windows, coatings, substrates for laser optics
Dielectric coatings for electronics
K-glass coatings
Transparent conductive coatings
Materials for RF-, IR-reconfigurable devices 
Buffer layers for electronics
Antireflection coatings
Heat barrier coatings
Magnetic materials
Metallic coatings

We provide services:
Design and assembly of vacuum equipment
Physico-chemical analysis
Development of functional inorganic coatings

We can bring your idea to life!

Support of the FASIE (Contract No. 1193ГС/21684 (2016) and JSC
"International innovative nanotechnology center"
Functional coatings
Research & development
Functional inorganic materials
Optoelectronic devices
Metals and oxides thin films
Chemical reagents and equipment
Physico-chemical analysis
Vacuum equipment assembly
Oxyfilm LLC

Legal address:
Russian Federation
Moscow, Butlerova str.
17B, IB, com. 6

The co-executor of R&D:
Lomonosov MSU Chemistry department
Inorganic chemistry chair
Laboratory of chemistry of coordination compounds
Moscow, Leninskiye Gory 1, bld 3
+7 925 159 95 18