Functional coatings
Oxyfilm LLC - Dubna Nanocenter project company
Our company was founded in 2015 on the basis of the team of Lomonosov Moscow State University Chemistry department.

The company develops applied research and developments of Chemical faculty of Lomonosov MSU and creates infrastructure to obtain a functional inorganic coatings.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the development of functional coatings for various applications to optics, electronics, fabrication of protective coatings on crystalline and polymeric substrates.

Our team consists of PhD, doctors of chemical Sciences, engineers and developers.

The company cooperates with major institutions and companies in Europe and Asia for obtaining functional coatings.

Production capacity of the company is equipment for thin films deposition, production of inorganic coatings by chemical and physical methods. We also provide the analysis of inorganic materials to order, we can implement R&D in the field of functional inorganic materials.

Mainly, we're open for cooperation!
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Oxyfilm LLC

Legal address:
Russian Federation
Moscow, Butlerova str.
17B, IB, com. 6

The co-executor of R&D:
Lomonosov MSU Chemistry department
Inorganic chemistry chair
Laboratory of chemistry of coordination compounds
Moscow, Leninskiye Gory 1, bld 3